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ULANA GASTRONOMIA: A Hipster Fine Dining Experience in Central Jakarta

I always thought Jakarta (actually) has so much to offer in terms of culinary and lifestyle  experience, BUT… the thing is, everything is pretty centralized with South Jakarta being the most saturated area. So that’s why I got excited when I got the invitation to try out the recently opened “Ulana Gastronomia” (by Wakimukudo) in Central Jakarta. By central I mean not the famous Thamrin area, but further down the road around Juanda, near Harmoni. The place is pretty easy to reach, though. So don’t worry. You can even take the TransJakarta towards Kota, stops at Harmoni, and continue with cab or motorbike for about 5 minutes!

So this is how Ulana looks like… The owner revamped this old 4-story building who used to be a club way way back then into this pretty looking space. The restaurant sits on the top floor adjacent to the rooftop, but Ulana also has a nice entrance. So spacious!

lantai dasar (4)

lantai dasar (1)


lantai dasar (3)

Snap your photo in front of this mural!

lantai dasar (2)

lantai dasar (5)


Ulana means the weightlessness of heavy things. It sounds like a philosophical word to me, but come to think of it, I guess that’s the essence of everyday life, no? The first time I saw this place I immediately thought of coming back again to work alone here. ‘Cause my work can be heavyweight, but I need to feel “weightless” in finishing it a.k.a I refuse to have monotonous desk view, HAHAHA.

But I mean, I guess that’s why we go out and spend some time to wind down, right? We work so hard everyday, we each have our own personal baggage to deal with and having some drinks or a good dinner in one night doesn’t make it go away, it’s just that we need the break, we need some time alone, we need to celebrate life a little bit, or heck, we just want to spend the money we earn since we’re gonna go back to working our arses off the next day anyway.

Hence, Ulana!

*how’s that for an interpretation, yo?*


There’s a rustic feel to the place but also modern with touch of poppy colors. I have zero clue about interior design, but that’s what I caught when I entered the indoor space.

indoor (1)

The bar


indoor (6)

Me with Hermione Skye, the owner of Wakimukudo the Label (who also owns and manages Kokonut & Curtains)

indoor (10)

outdoor (9)

indoor (8)



I should have come later in the day that day because it was still pretty hot to hang out outside. It turned cloudy an hour later which was confusing, but, I can imagine it’d be sooo nice to have a drink outdoor at around sunset towards the eve. Hermione said the outside garden looks so pretty at night because they put lights everywhere. Arrghhh. Can’t wait to come back here again!

outdoor (3)

outdoor (2)


Honestly, my Public Relations blood were thinking of potential Press Conferences, parties, or any kind of gatherings that can be held here when I saw the rooftop. Standing party with DJ during sunset sounds awesome too. Man…

Ok anyone, when you think of having a chill-and-not-over-the-top-party, think of Ulana!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now let’s get to the most important part. How was the food and beverages? I didn’t try everything, but I had some of their top recommendations. I have to remind you again that Ulana does serve fine dining experience, so price wise it’s not cheap, but it’s not super expensive either. Not at a fancy hotel price level I’d say, more like Senopati type of restaurants level, but with reasonable price range. Meaning, you have options. The menu was created by a Michelin star chef from London with high quality ingredients. Most importantly, everything is freshly made EVERYDAY since 5 am. Man, no wonder the pasta I had was bloody delicious. Honestly. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to food, almost everything is mediocre to my bland taste palate, but I really REALLY love this particular one.

Pappardalle with shiitake and enoki mushrooms (2) - 110k

Pappardalle with shiitake and enoki mushrooms – IDR 110k


Pappardalle with shiitake and enoki mushrooms (3) - 110k

A closer look. They brought the parmigiano cheese straight from Italy. Oh, my. It’s definitely going to be my recurring menu. So so good. 


Next we have…

Warren's Tempura Tiger Prawns - 90k

This is actually one of the appetizers. This one is also yum for I am a shrimp lover. Approved!

Warren’s Tempura Tiger Prawns – IDR 90k

(Fresh tiger prawns in a light crispy batter with wasabi condiment on the side)


This one was also bomb!

Fresh Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon – IDR 200k

(Pan fried salmon with zucchini puree & fried zucchini chips)

As for the drinks and the keeper of #teppyscoffeeshoplist, of course I have to try their coffee. Wakimukudo has their own beans label called Titik Manis that they’ve previously started using in thei sister resto, Kokonut & Curtains. I tried it once in Kokonut. It was good but it gets even better now in Ulana.

Cappuccino – IDR 65k


If you don’t feel like having coffee,  I would really suggest this one, especially on a hot hot day. This is the iced ginger. It has a good mix of ginger (not too strong, not too light either), soda, and ice (so it’s not too watery). It’s super fresh. 

Iced Ginger - 50k

Iced Ginger – IDR 50k


After the meal, you can clean up your palate with something sweet like… ice cream! As I said earlier, everything is homemade here. You have selections from creamy Gelato like this Spiced Horchata (IDR 40k) to fresh Sorbet, one of which is Fuji Japanese Apple (IDR 30k).

Ice Cream

I guess I have given you enough guide to enjoy Ulana by now. I hope you’ll get to experience it yourself soon, whether to have a me time, catching up with your closest ones, or to bond with your office mates over a rooftop party, I’m sure Ulana will give you the weightless break you deserve.

Bon appétit!


Ulana Gastronomia by Wakimukudo


Jl. Batu Ceper No.59

Kecamatan Gambir

Kota Jakarta Pusat

Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120

Phone: 0812-9039-8015

Open: 11AM-11PM everyday

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