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REKOMENDASI: Have Some Downtime at Kokonut & Curtains

Last weekend I had the opportunity to check out one of the newest places in Jakarta, which is not too far from the city center nor too far west (not even). Judging from the name I have already expected the vibe of the place would be nice and breezy and I wouldn’t have to dress fancy to hang out here. You know those beach front cafes in Bali? Only this is in the middle of the city, no beach, same relaxing vibe, such a breath of fresh air for a city this busy. It’s called Kokonut & Curtains by Wakimukudo, a Finland based design agency.

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At first I thought, well, this is pretty random. This place is located inside Pulau Dua Restoran Senayan complex. The whole area was used to be Taman Ria Senayan back in the day (like reaaallyyy back in the day LOL) and I thought the entire place was closed down for business until now.

As an avid weekend café/coffee shop hunter in Jakarta, I think Kokonut is a rarely-found gem! Most of the time I always go to cafes alone, minding my own business with my laptop and headphone in a closed-door room, it’s nice to switch to a different vibe for a change.

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What I love the most about Kokonut & Curtains is this particular space…

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Isn’t it so prettyyy?

I have zero knowledge in design so I don’t know what the exact term of this interior design style. Rustic I guess? I just really dig that it’s all white with a little touch of green. This spot looks so pretty~~~ I sat down with Hermione Skye, the Creative Director of Wakimukudo the label and she said she decorated this place with a lot of antiques/second hand items, including the cutlery!

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Oh by the way, fun fact, Wakimukudo is a Japanese word that means “the positive light feeling within your chest,” which I think translates well into the atmosphere of this place in the hope that the visitors also feel the same. The interior design is not extravagant but rather simple, subtle, and homey. At least I wish this is my porch heeeyyy…

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Okay so what did I try here? I haven’t tried the coffee (and therefore I will come back for that), but Kokonut & Curtains serves coffee, beers, light bites, fresh juice, iced drinks, and of course main course. Luckily, they also live up to their name as they serve Kelapa Muda! Yaaas.  

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“Matcha Lemon Hot Day, Thank God”

If you need something fresh and kicking, not too sour and not too sweet, go for this one. And yea, especially on a hot day.


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Nibble on some “Curtains French Fries”


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 “Sweet Sour Dory” (with egg, a little bit spicy)

I love the combined flavor of this one. It didn’t come with rice (best pair, methinks, hehe), so I ordered rice #Indonesians


IMG-20181013-WA0023 (1)


I know I said I didn’t try the coffee, but Hermione recommended “Iced Kopi Local Pak Kumis” the next time I come here. So maybe you can take a note too. They serve other black and white coffee variant too tho. 

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Amelia, Hermione, and me

Overall I had a great experience ‘cuz I’m so in love with the look of this place hahaha. I can already imagine going back in the morning or in the afternoon to have some coffee and read a book. But that’s the loner in me speaking. I see a lotta things can be happening here too with a place this pretty and a vibe this chill:

After work nibbles and drinks with friends or colleagues

Lunch date with your girlfriends… or a real date~

Engagement/wedding/birthday/office party (any party basically) 

Brand launching

Workshops, pop up store

Speaking of which, they are actually doing an Indie Book Fair this weekend until tomorrow (2pm-8pm), with Afternoon Talks. Come check out the place and buy some books!

Kokonut & Curtains

Jakarta’s First Finnish Day Cafe

Taman Ria Senayan, Jl. Gatot Subroto (Located inside Pulau Dua Restaurant complex)

Price: $$-$$$

IG: @kokonutcurtains





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