I Dialed You

She sipped the last drop of her beer, the second giant glass she had that night.

She opened her phone, scrolled to that one name she knew exactly could offer her consolation.

At that very hour.

Text sent.

Calls made.

Two people met.

Two years have passed since these former strangers last kissed.

His house still looked so familiar.

And he’s still the finest looking good night kisser ever.


It also started with a kiss.

The kind she never really expected.

No hints, no clues, no talks, no nothing.

He left her stunned.

She didn’t know what it was for,

but it was almost like she was in a movie, 

so she played along.


“Are you traveling again anytime soon?”



“Somewhere near.”


“Somewhere far.”


It’s funny how they always ended up meeting each other before they travel.


“I have to go. It’s late.” she said.


He kissed her again before she left. Twice.


“Good bye.”


“Good night.”


It was a nice night.


But that was it.


For the first time in her life, for a girl who always feels so much,

she felt nothing.


And it was somewhat liberating.


They’re just two people, taking advantage of each other.