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COFFEE SHOP: Fillmore Coffee

Last Sunday I went to Fillmore, one of the hippest and hottest coffee shops in town that has just opened for 3 weeks. Well, make it 4 since it’s almost another week since I came there πŸ˜† This cute little place is situated inside an apartment called Suites @ SevenΒ Residence in Kuningan. Pretty random location choice I thought at first, but turns out the apartment and the coffee shop owners are still related, so that’s why. Since this place is pretty new… weekend might not be the right time to visit if you wanna have a quiet time or a real long conversation. BUT… the buzz will pass eventually, at least I had 10-15 mins of total silence after people seemedΒ to not stop coming earlier. πŸ˜†



Was the coffee good? Yes. Very strong even. It’s not the right place for pretty latte art as the place claimed, but overall I love the ambiance. Pastry was pretty good too. I’m seriously jealous of my friends who live here, hahaha. Anyhoo, would I recommend the place? Definitely. Just estimate the best time to come and you’re good.



Meet my friend Jon!

PS. They have second floor too, so worry not, there should be a space for you even though the place is still buzzing~~~Β 



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Jadi satu gang panjang ini isinya restoran-restoran mungil semua gitu. Sempit tapi seru, makannya aja dempet-dempetan 🀣 tapi yakitorinya ga ada yg gagaaal, enak-enak banget 😭 Serunya lagi karena kita jadi bisa ngerasain langsung budaya pulang kerja mereka, mayan berasa kayak warga lokal dikit πŸ™ŒπŸ˜œ #japan #LiveAwesome #LiveMoreSociety #DBSxKartupos #travel "I'm holding on... Why is everything so heavy?" What is Linkin Park without your voice? Rest in peace, my teenage idol. πŸ’” #RIPChester πŸ“·: @linkinpark Highlights from #LINEConcert2017 PressCon last night, introducing #MusikAsikCaraLINE. Follow official acc mereka di #LINE: Line Concert, dan tungguin #LINEConcert di kotamu πŸ˜ƒ Konser pertama akan diadakan 8 Sept nanti di #Surabaya dg line up @isyanasarasvati, @glennfredly309, @tulusm, & @sheilaon7. More artists and cities will be announced soon πŸ‘Š
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