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CONCERT: Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Jakarta 2015


Since I couldn’t make it to her California Dreams Tour in Jakarta a few years back, I thought this time I really had to go and see Katy Perry‘s concert. Thank heavens me and my friends got the tix to her Prismatic World Tour Jakarta! It’s crazy though how concert tickets in Indonesia are ridiculously expensive. I spent IDR 900,000 for a tribune ticket! I don’t even wanna know the rest of the class @_@ But, the thought of missing yet another of her concert didn’t please me, so I sucked it up.



The concert was SUPERB, by the way. I think she changed her costume 8 times, all with completely different themes and choreo, AAAANNNND WITH CRAZY VISUAL GRAPHICS! It’s straight on a laser party! The downside was the people at the tribune section were crazy stiff. I mean, even if you’re not exactly a fan (because some of them were there for their kids who idolize Katy, perhaps, and they have to take care of them) or you’re not really a dancing person, whatever, still, I had never seen a crowd THAT STIFF. 95% of them sat down THE ENTIRE CONCERT, and you know Ms. Perry ain’t an opera singer, right? I came there to dance -____- Me and my friends intended to stand and dance but almost nobody moved, and we’re gonna be a pain in the ass for them if we stood the whole time. Errr… guys, we are not watching a DVD over here, the singer is really there, she’s gonna cry if she can see you sitting so calmly through songs like “Roar,” “This is How We Do,” “California Gurls,” or “Fireworks” which by the way was the closing song AND STILL NOBODY STOOD UP -_____- Boohoo. I then decided to just stand and dance on the stairs before I got thrown at if I did it on my seat.Β Anyway, all in all the concert was really worth it. Katy Perry is a true, world class performer and she and her team deserve all the credits for creating a concert THAT amazing. She said that night they had done 138 concerts during the tour and up for more, covering different continents. What a roller coaster life. I always wonder if they ever got bored with the same routine like this… but then I remember how much money they make out of it so then I shut up, nyahahaha…

katy perry prismatic (23)

katy perry prismatic (18)

katy perry prismatic (16) katy perry prismatic (22)katy perry prismatic (17) katy perry prismatic (11) katy perry prismatic (6) katy perry prismatic (5) katy perry prismatic (2) katy perry prismatic (4)

perry duta

Bonus foto bareng sama mas Jawir kesukaan, Mas Duta πŸ˜†

Thank you Katy Perry! I’m a happy Katy cat! ❀

Indonesian promoters, will you bring Beyonce, Justin Timbelake, Coldplay, and Ariana Grande to Indonesia?


5 comments on “CONCERT: Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Jakarta 2015

  1. Lynn
    May 20, 2015

    Vote for Coldplay! Meski bisa sangat dibayangkan crowdnya bakal super epic karena semua menantikan mereka :))

  2. juragankoppi
    May 20, 2015

    Coldplay please ….

  3. mrspassionfruit
    May 20, 2015

    Ahhhh nggak kebayang kok pada stiff semua, gak mau berdiri. Jadi kasian sama si Katy, hehehehe.

  4. Haya Aliya Zaki
    May 20, 2015

    Justin Timberlake!

  5. kasian katynya, kurang antusias ya

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my bebe chanelling me: thinking of what to do this #Sunday. (actually, I have a lot of stuff to do, but zero will power 🀣🀣🀣) A #landmark so iconic it's worth romanticizing about. 😍

I hopped off my friend's car and snapped this #view right before we walked into the main complex. It was almost dark but I got some #sunset "leftover" which made it perfect, 'cause I always love purplish #sky. Not long after it went dark and the tower lit up. So I thought... why not chill for a bit, albeit turned out it was more like "chillin' in a chilly weather" 🀣

Oh, in case you ever wonder (like me) on how #iconic this tower can get, #Wikipedia even has its own #section called "Eiffel Tower in Popular Culture" that list down all the #films that have made Eiffel (named after engineer Gustave Eiffel whose #company designed and built the tower in 1887) part of their #scenes... from any kind of plots! 
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#weekend #saturday Salah satu cara ekonomis dan super menyenangkan untuk menikmati #Penang adalah dengan "mural trailing" alias jalan kaki mencari mural-mural tersembunyi di berbagai bangunan di kota tua #Georgetown. Waktu itu #hostel gue menyediakan selebaran panduan yg berisi daftar mural dan lokasi-lokasinya. Berhubung kemampuan baca peta gue agak fatal ngaconya, jadinya makin seru, karena eh... kok tau-tau nemu mural ini dan itu, padahal lagi nyari mural lain. Clueless membawa berkah 🀣

Georgetown masuk dalam #UNESCO's World Heritage Site dan pada Georgetown Festival 2012 seorang seniman street art asal Lithuania bernama Ernest Zacharevic diminta untuk menggambar 8-9 mural di berbagai bangunan di sana. (Karyanya dia jg ada di Ipoh dan KL!). Beberapa mural di foto ini adalah karyanya Ernest. Dalam perkembangannya banyak juga seniman lain yang ikut bikin mural untuk kota tua ini. 
Nggak usah khawatir kalo traveling sendirian ke sini, mau foto tinggal minta tolong sesama turis lain yg lg nyari mural jg atau pake tripod sekalian! 🀣

PS. Selain muralnya, Penang jg terkenal dengan makanannya yg enak-enak dan #coffeeshop yang menjamur, daaaan kita bisa sepedaan juga di Georgetown. Guess I will always have reasons to go back to this place 😍

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