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MUSIC I LOVE: Eva Celia – Reason

I have always been a fan of Eva Celia, the beautiful and super talented daughter of Indra Lesmana and Sophia Latjuba. I think years and years ago I used to visit her blog (which she wrote in English – I hope it was her real blog though. I got the address from Raditya Dika’s) and her writings were REALLY GOOD. Like, how come a teenager can write like that? Too bad she deleted it (or maybe hid it or made a new blog I was not aware of). So at least at one point I know she’s a really good writer. But as some people are really gifted, years after, around 2011, I found her Youtube video covering a song from Sam Sparro – Black and Gold and I really loved it, it’s way better than the original version methinks, and I mean, my God, WHAT A VOICE. Such a lucky girl. 

She was in the US back then but made some visits to Indonesia in which she used to do a show along with her father in RW Lounge, Kemang (not sure if the cafe is still there). And once I watched her Christmas Jazz show in December 2011, and again, loved it. Instantly a fan. And I could see that she is so nice in person. *ikrib bener lo, Tep* But you know you can read people’s body language, right? Like, the way they carry themselves? I got a good vibe.

So as a fan, I was really happy that she makes a career here with some movies and a few singles (Adriana soundtracks and some duets with her dad), and on the last 27th of April 2015 she finally released a single she composed herself from her upcoming album. YAY! The song is called “Reason” and I love both her lyrics and melody! Can’t wait for the next ones. Go buy it on iTunes, darlings!

4 comments on “MUSIC I LOVE: Eva Celia – Reason

  1. dela
    May 5, 2015

    Aku juga suka blognya! Isinya makjleb dalem, padahal waktu itu dia waaaaay younger than me! Sirik2 gitu deh karena masih muda kok bisa jago banget nyusun posting yang emosyional plus pake inggris lagi!

  2. Dita
    May 5, 2015

    yahh udah di delete ya blog-nya?
    belum sempet baca 😦

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  4. narawarta
    November 13, 2015

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