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Dance Night at (The New) Blowfish Jakarta

Every once in a while, it’s really good and refreshing to go out for a dance night with your darling friends. Blowfish Jakarta was previously renovated for a few months but they made a sick comeback! Love all of these lights and multimedia galore. We sure had a great night! šŸ˜€

bf (1) bf (2) bf (3)

new BF (2) new BF (24) new BF (25) new BF (31) new BF (32)


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This entry was posted on June 17, 2014 by in Clubbing Scene, Friends, Get Together, Hang Out, Lifestyle, Seru-seruan and tagged .


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What is #Starbucks Reserve? What's the difference with the regular #Starbucks? I went to check out the #vibe at Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, and Pakubuwono. Head to my blog (address on bio) to read my "report" šŸ˜„ #blog #blogger #blogging #coffeeshop #coffeetime #coffeecorner #coffeereview #teppyscoffeeshoplist #starbuckscoffee #starbucksindonesia #starbucksid #starbucksreserve Menurut gue utk ukuran sebuah kota, #Adelaide itu biasa aja. Kecil dan sepi, agak kebanting sama #Melbourne, #Sydney, bahkan #Perth (again, in my opinion). TAPIII... Kalo nyetir ke luar kota alias #roadtrip, banyak tempat-tempat seru dg pemandangan cantik yg bisa kita eksplorasi, apalagi kalo suka ngewine šŸ˜ Salah satunya #BarossaValley ini. Barossa Valley adalah daerah penghasil #wine terkenal di #Australia selatan, sekitar 1-1.5 jam dari pusat kota Adelaide. Paling seru sih #lunch sambil nyobain berbagai macam wine dari berbagai #winery di sini, atau sekalian beli bawa pulang, harganya terjangkau (kalo dibandingin Indonesia yaiyalahya šŸ¤£), misalnya ke Seppetsfield atau Pensfold šŸ’ƒ terus sambil road trip berhenti-berhenti buat foto gini šŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒ #LiveAwesome #LiveMoreSociety #DBSxKartupos #travel #visitaustralia #southaustralia Heart cracks open... From the upcoming #book: "27 days of heartbreak" by my talented friends:

Stella (@konnyaku) the writer. Marisa (@marzland), the illustrator.


www.27daysofheartbreak.com šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸ If you wanna try to #LiveSmart, for example: #traveling near and cheap for a quick #weekend getaway (esp. peeps in Jabodetabek in this case), Curug Barong in #Bogor can be one of the easy choices.

Lokasinya nggak terlalu jauh dari #Jakarta. Tinggal keluar tol Sentul dan mengarah ke Jungleland lalu belok kanan menuju Desa Babakan Madang, terus tinggal #offroad dan #trekking ke sana, deh. (won't take too long). Di jalan menuju ke sana jg banyak curug lainnya yg aksesnya bahkan lebih mudah, tapi gue suka si Curug Barong ini karena agak "pelosok," air super jernih, dan pemandangan ketika trekking baguuus šŸ˜ Belum lg udara segernya. Biaya parkir dan biaya masuk curug jg nggak akan lbh dari 20rb. Kalo laper, ada warung mie instan murah meriah. šŸ’ƒ

TIPS: Kalo weekend lbh baik dtg pagi banget (jam 6an udh di sana) biar gak keburu rame, kalo #weekdays sih bisa siangan dikit. Jgn lupa jg tetep jaga kebersihan, krn kecenderungan turis lokal yg ke sana kdg msh suka buang sampah sembarangan di pinggir sungai šŸ‘Š #LiveKind and take care of our environment šŸ˜„

#LiveMoreSociety #DBSxKartupos #travel #LiveWell #LiveAwesome #waterfall Some jobs. #citylife #jakarta #candid #snappingjakarta #candid #photography #streetphotography My favorite page from @the27days (27 Days of Heartbreak, the #book). I used to read the #blog religiously 5 years ago and I remember this sentence.

That phase when a heartbreak is no longer a fresh wound and you start to forget his/her face... not exactly the feeling, though.

Can't wait for this book to be published (SOON) šŸ˜
Check out their #website: 27daysofheartbreak.com
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