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BEST OF 2013!

It’s the very last day of 2013 and just like everybody else, I would like to look back and highlight some of the best moments of my year. And the TOP 3 are…


1. Finally did my solo Euro Trip, 3 weeks, 7 countries. I have kept this dream for 6 years.

2. Published my very first book under my own name: “The Freaky Teppy”. I have also kept this dream for 6 years. Never have I imagined that I would finally write one. Best Christmas gift EVER.

3. Chopped my hair THAT short. I never had the gut to do so, and my regular hairdresser never let me, he always said my cheeks were too chubby and all that so I ended up cutting my hair in a style that I didn’t want. So I chose another hair salon which was waaay cheaper (IDR 75k – lots of kisses for  Mbak Yaya in Johnny Andrean ITC Fatmawati!) and ta-daaa! So refreshing! I love it this way, nyahaha… and of course it’s gonna grow again, so why worry.

More to these, I am very grateful for I have been given so many kind-hearted friends, ones that I call my second family, and new friends and readers who are just as sweet. Thank you so so so much for your support. Seeing random mails and tweets about this blog or my book from you guys have really brightened my year. Thank you :*

For the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the blessings and the challenges, I took it all in and grew even more hopeful for the coming year. Happy new year, life survivors. Remember without the rain we’ll never know what rainbow’s like.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you nothing but love, health, and joy for the coming year.




One comment on “BEST OF 2013!

  1. athiex82
    January 2, 2014

    aku suka rambut pendeknya, cantiikkkk 😉

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some shots from last night's visit.

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bkk #bangkok #thailand #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeetime #coffeeshopcorners #coffeeshopoftheworld #cafeyouneed 2017 marks the 9th year of my corporate career pursuit, and the past 2+ years with #aCommerce have got to be the most dynamic phase of my journey so far. With all its upsides and downsides, this one offers another spectrum of challenge and level of speed, to which it makes every break and #travel I took so rewarding. It has been a fun ride.

Here's to leveling up both my personal and professional game 💪(and for aCommerce too!) Earlier today: Made a quick stop before going up to my office floor.

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bangkok #bkk #Thailand #cafeyouneed #coffeeshopoftheworld #coffeeshopvibes #coffee #coldbrew #roastbkk #coffeeshopcorners #Friday nite #coffee ☕

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bangkok #bkk #thailand #cafeyouneed #coffeeshopoftheworld #coffeeshopcorners #coffeetime  #koffietijd #coffeeshopvibes finally hitting the end of work week. yayers. #TGIF Warehouse inspection. 🦄
Got to check out our 20,000 sqm mega fulfillment center today. 👯

#Bangkok #bkk #thailand #werk
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