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Officially Jacked by Afrojack!

Afrojack Jacked Tour was an awesome rave party brought to you by Kuta Entertainment in collaboration with Soundbox (which first event I hosted last year). To think that this was their very first event, it was kind of unbelievable that more than 19,000 people came to Ecopark that night. Personally, this is by far the best rave party I have ever been to in Indonesia. The lay out of the venue, the VVIP & VIP arrangement made perfect sense, the gimmicks, the sound system, the visuals/multimedia animation. It was crowded but the visitors comfortably had a room to move around with lots of stalls for you to look at, or even a tunnel of light by Absolute Elyx for peeps to take pictures. I did not experience the same when I went to Guetta.

And ummm, you know how handsome DJs usually get even hotter when they’re on stage? Afrojack is one of ’em. I mean, look at those arms… 😆 😆 😆 It’s not Teppy if her post is not hormonal 😆 😆 😆





The line-ups were undoubtedly wicked as well:


DJ Mikey Moran – Indonesia



DJ Apster – Holland


DJ Quintino – Holland


Shermanology – Holland



Angger Dimas – Indonesia

And some sneak peeks of the awesome night:















Thank you www.indonesiaclubbing.com, TalkMen, and IdeBaik for always taking me to the hippest parties in town! Until the next event!

Credits: Most photos were taken by indonesiaclubbing‘s team and the rest without logo are personal collection.

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