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Office Party @ Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club

Monday last week our office celebrated another achievement as we were awarded “Country of the Year 2012” in the whole Asia Pacific region. Having said that, a celebration had to be made to complement the awarding session. And that should be my part.

As a gimmick, the management wanted to surprise the staff and open the event by being a waiter/waitress, serving canapes to everyone in the room. So I dressed ’em up like one. It was quite a nice surprise with perfect timing. My Scottish boss even served whilst wearing his traditional costume on: the kilt. He said he only wears it to special occasion, and last Monday was definitely special.

I hope you’ll be having some fun time soon too!












2 comments on “Office Party @ Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club

  1. Ibeth
    April 16, 2013

    Boss lo yg itu demen amat pake baju tradisionalnya ya *intip* :)))))

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