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I need…


…a long, warm, and big hug.

I just desperately need a hug.


5 comments on “I need…

  1. pashatama
    September 12, 2012

    hey bebe, hugs!!

    • Teppy
      September 12, 2012

      hugging you back, kiss kiss 🙂

  2. Kesukaannya Maya
    September 12, 2012

    hai Tep, having a bad day dear? sending you a big and warm hugs! 🙂

    • Teppy
      September 12, 2012

      a rough day that requires a lot of thinking 🙂 thank you neng sayang 🙂 *hug back*

      • Kesukaannya Maya
        September 13, 2012

        Semangat ya Tep, bentar lagi udah weekend kok 😉

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