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VIDEO: Soundbox Vol.1 ft. Jidax @ Stadium, Jakarta

Gue mules liat muke gue sendiri di video 😆 Selain ini adalah premiere dari Soundbox, ini juga premiere dari gue ngehost. Pas liat hasilnya aku malu ingin tenggelem 😆 Masih banyak kurang di sana-sini, belibet, terlebih lagi kenapa gue mesti nengok-nengok ke poster di belakang pas ngomong?! -____-

Anyway, next time better 😆

Terima kasih www.indonesiaclubbing.com yang sudah ngajak gue ajep-ajep dan ngehost, mana DJnya cakep-cakep bener lagi 😆 *kipas-kipas*

See you on Soundbox vol. 2, pretty people!


6 comments on “VIDEO: Soundbox Vol.1 ft. Jidax @ Stadium, Jakarta

  1. yoga
    August 9, 2012

    ga terlalu belibet sih..

  2. reenee
    August 9, 2012

    Keren tepp..

  3. cita
    August 14, 2012

    Keren…love your blog =D..

    Salam kenal dari anak cemen penggila bahasa inggres

    • Teppy
      August 14, 2012

      terima kasih neng Cita 🙂

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some shots from last night's visit.

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bkk #bangkok #thailand #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeetime #coffeeshopcorners #coffeeshopoftheworld #cafeyouneed 2017 marks the 9th year of my corporate career pursuit, and the past 2+ years with #aCommerce have got to be the most dynamic phase of my journey so far. With all its upsides and downsides, this one offers another spectrum of challenge and level of speed, to which it makes every break and #travel I took so rewarding. It has been a fun ride.

Here's to leveling up both my personal and professional game 💪(and for aCommerce too!) Earlier today: Made a quick stop before going up to my office floor.

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bangkok #bkk #Thailand #cafeyouneed #coffeeshopoftheworld #coffeeshopvibes #coffee #coldbrew #roastbkk #coffeeshopcorners #Friday nite #coffee ☕

#teppyscoffeeshoplist #bangkok #bkk #thailand #cafeyouneed #coffeeshopoftheworld #coffeeshopcorners #coffeetime  #koffietijd #coffeeshopvibes finally hitting the end of work week. yayers. #TGIF Warehouse inspection. 🦄
Got to check out our 20,000 sqm mega fulfillment center today. 👯

#Bangkok #bkk #thailand #werk
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