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Netherlands all over again…

Minggu lalu menjelang akhir tahun, gue memutuskan untuk cuti *emang pengen aje sik sebenernya =))*

Kebetulan oom yang dulu mengakomodir gue dan temen-temen pas di Belanda lagi main ke Indonesia. Oom Endy namanya. He took care of us and the designer from Jogja who hired us 4 years ago in Tong-Tong Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands.

Oom Endy biasanya datang setiap November-Desember tiap tahunnya untuk ngunjungin keluarganya di sini. Dulu banget, kami sempet ketemuan bareng, lalu tahun-tahun sebelumnya karena jadwal nggak ketemu, jadinya misah-misah deh. But not this time, reuni formasi lengkap 😀

After 4 years…

Oom Endy is still the same cool uncle we knew 🙂 Sorta a parent who can relate to youngsters these days… Asik abis deh pokoknya 😀

Anya continues chasing her modeling career…

Icut is finishing her studies as a doctor while juggling with her presenter & pageanty side jobs…

…and I’m living my office life, pursuing my career as well as my writing & translating related jobs 🙂

It was a fun day. We hopped into 3 different places…

Union, Seruni, and Monologue – Plaza Senayan

*akhirnya nyobain Red Velvet Cakenya Union yang mahil… dan rasanya biasa aja -___-*

The convos make me miss Netherlands all over again, and again…

I hope this year I can come back. Amen. 🙂

Icut, Anya, Teppy – May 2007

28 December 2011, 4 years later…


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